Making money as a coach isn't magic.
But if you do it right, it's just as easy.
Let's channel your inner Hermione

Scared? Overwhelmed?

Drowning in online courses that promise to help you create the coaching business of your dreams?

Realizing that learning the business side of coaching is daunting, to say the least? And marketing? You’ve got no clue. I've been there. I know what it’s like to be passionate and driven about coaching but have a whole load of crap – what I call expensive distractions – in the way of your clarity.


  • The fact is you could spend the next three years (or more) and thousands of dollars and you still won’t be any closer to getting clients.
  • You need the fundamental steps to establishing yourself as a pro – and it starts with YOU - Who you are, what you do best and who you love to support.

Coaching is alchemy.

I help you find the right mix


Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Lauren Russo, Lauren Russo Coaching

With Jo I got specific, concrete, actionable ideas about how incorporate my strengths into my program for clients. I got a lot of ideas about how to really hone in on "client language" in stead of "coach language" for my marketing efforts. I feel such a sense of relief!

Lisa Panos, Lisa Panos Life & Relationship Coach

I feel fabulous - you "got" me and supported me from minute one. You were so easy to talk with. I loved your ideas and how you supported me. My mind is at ease and ready to really go full force into my coaching - I have a plan and am ready to rock 2015.

April Julson,

"Jo has an incredible knack for breaking things down into manageable form. I wasn't 100% sure what I needed when I scheduled with her, but she met me exactly where I was and rocked my world! Her suggestions were right on target and she helped me develop a reusable process for making amazing courses. She has reignited the spark inside of me during a frustrating time of starting a coaching biz"

Teresa Neuhaus, Empowerment Coach & Yoga Teacher

"Jo is the real deal. If you need some direction, clarity on your next steps, taking your business to a deeper level or understanding yourself as it relates to your business, contact her. I’ve gained so much in just one session. She will unveil the hidden gems you’re searching for. An extra bonus, she’s amazingly fun to work with"