WHP 16 – Farnoosh Brock From Prolific Living


My guest this week is Coach and juicing expert Farnoosh Brock. Farnoosh helps people to transform – and she knows what she’s talking about. She went from successful electrical engineer and corporate success story to multi-passionate entrepreneur who not only quit a cushy job but got her husband to do the same thing only 18 months later.

She’s the passionate founder and president of Prolific Living,  and describes herself as being “in the Act 2 of my career and my life. It all started a few years ago with this simple blog and the process led me to completely re-invent myself.”

In this week’s show, Farnoosh and I discuss what led her to leave the ‘safety’ of her corporate career to set up her own business and what she learned through the process. We also talk about how she applies her own experiences to the work she now does with clients, helping them to unlock their own passions.

Show Notes:

Farnoosh Brock’s  website and blog Prolific Living

The Smart Exit Blueprint with Farnoosh Brock

Fast Track Promotion Video Blog

Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

And yes, Farnoosh is also a keen juicer and has 2 books published on the subject. You can learn more by visiting her at Prolific Juicing


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  1. Dov Shapira says:

    I am a strong believer of cutting the branch you’re sitting on for starting something new.

  2. Great interview! I really admire those who make a change when they see they aren’t satisfied or want something more fulfilling. And as a theatre blogger, I love how she words it as the “Act 2″ of her life. Awesome!

  3. Change is very good for the mind.. I have made a change in things when i saw a few things going to far to the left!

  4. When you follow your passion every aspect of your life changes for the better, no matter how old you are when you make the change!

  5. Great article, glad she was able to reinvent herself. Sometimes that needs to be done in order to be happy:)

  6. Passion + Teamwork equals success thats what those couple do. glad to hear it from your blog! great to be motivated!