What Is Resilience?

What Is Resilience?

what is resilience

What is resilience? it’s a good question. It’s more than being able to handle stress. More than being able to bounce back from setbacks.  More than having an optimistic outlook.

What is resilience? It’s about having a strong support network around you. About knowing WHY you get up in the morning. About feeling connected to something bigger than yourself - whether that be something spiritual, a community, a cause or a set of values.

What is resilience? It’s about knowing your strengths and deliberately and consciously using them. It’s about having a balanced sense of what you’re good (and not so good) at. It’s about living consciously to your values and your beliefs.

What IS Resilience?

A few years ago I took up running. I bought some running shoes and a few too many items of high Lycra content clothing for my age and build. I glanced at a couple of books about running, I even noticed quite a few training schedules for beginner runners. But I didn’t pay those much mind. How hard could it be? I mean, people have been running for years and years - I didn’t need a plan or a training schedule - I just needed to get out there an do it. After all, that’s what the ads for the overpriced running shoes say to do.

So I set off - every night (My natural tendency is to get stuck in, no planning, no holds barred. I also tend to get bored easily but that’s another post!) I ran for as long as I could without feeling puffed out. Then I’d stop, catch my breath and set off again. As someone who’s never particularly liked sweaty exercise, I was rather proud of myself.

But a few weeks into my new health kick I started getting stabbing pains in my lower legs. Shin splints as they’re known in the trade. At first I tried to ignore them - push through and run (or limp) through the pain. After a few more days I had to give it up. I went to see a physiotherapist who treated the injury. Once my shins were feeling better, the physio recommended some exercises to build up the supporting muscles and then examined my running technique (turns out I didn’t have one!)  He showed me a better way of holding myself, positioning my foot and warming up and cooling down that would help protect my body from further injury. Finally, he gave me a proper, progressive training schedule that involved progressively longer runs with rest and recovery days built in so that I didn’t injure myself through overwork.

What is resilience? Why should you care?

Resilience is like having all of what my psysio recommended for my physical health for your emotional health and well-being.

Resilience is learning how to have effective techniques to deal with life’s multi layered tapestry - it’s ups and downs, high and low points. Resilience is like having strong mental muscles and a well paced schedule incorporating  periods of stretch AND recovery time.  Life usually takes care of the stretch for you - but the thing that far too many of us forget is the recovery time. This mean building in effective ways to handle stress and pressure, to have helpful thought processes and strong social support.

What is resilience? It’s about being match fit to take on life and really live it.

What is resilience to you?

photo credit: me’nthedogs via photopin cc

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  1. There are many ups and downs in life that we need to deal with and become resilient.

  2. Resilience is fighting through and overcoming the challenges and obstacles in front of us.

  3. Resilience is being able to bounce back from a set back. It’s getting back up and trying again.

  4. I agree 100% with Deborah.

  5. Good heath should include, Good diet, exercise, massage, yoga, reading, writing, communication with your loved ones, rest time and fun time with your one and only.
    Did I miss something? LOL

    • Yes, Dov, you missed blogging silly!

  6. If you look up the definition of resilience, you will see my smiling face right there :-)

  7. Resilience is how we deal with the everyday grind and stress.

  8. Resilience is what you overcome and come out on the other end okay.

  9. Bounce back ability…. we all need more of that

  10. OH how I hate shinsplints. Find that stretching helps but resilience is a good thing too !

  11. Resiliance is flowing with lifes ups and downs and not getting too down!

  12. As I travel on today’s journey, I find writing things down help keep me up. I’m resilient because I want to be, not because someone is telling me to be. So I’m with Veronica and when you open the dictionary and look up “Resilient” you will find both of us!

  13. Resilience and Fortitude—will take you far!

    Yvonne Brown

  14. Can’t possibly succeed without being resilient!

  15. This is a wonderful article! I really need this!

  16. This is a wonderful article! I really needed to read this! Resilience is imperative to have in everyday life.

  17. Excellent post and comparison! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! and I may have to share it… hope you don’t mind!

  18. Resilience is being able to pick your self up and dust yourself off and grow from whatever you have been through.